$695.00 USD
Socalweb Managed Mission Critical Dedicated Server
A Managed Dedicated server is a physical server that is only utilized by one customer. The customer is able to utilize the full CPU, RAM and disk resources of the server hardware. Unlike a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or shared server, all resources on a Managed Dedicated Server are made available exclusively to a single customer, enabling consistently high performance at all times.

Managed Dedicated Hosting is ideal for businesses or advanced users who run mission critical websites that require 100% uptime, high traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications, or complex databases.

We meticulously monitor and manage every aspect of our Managed Dedicated servers and resolve any issues before they have a chance to affect your website.

All of our customers that have migrated from the giant (you know who) hosting companies to us are blown away with the increase in performance and the level of support we provide.

From a single web server to a complex load balanced environment with multiple web and database servers, contact us so we can custom build you a Managed Dedicated Server quote to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

All of our Managed Mission Critical Dedicated Servers include
  • Dell PowerEdge Server Platform.
  • Quad Core Xeon CPU's.
  • 4GB to 128GB of RAM.
  • High Performance and Fault Tolerant RAID10.
  • Enterprise Disk Drives.
  • 100Mbps Public Network Port and 1000Mbps Private Network Port.
  • Daily Security Scans.
  • 16 Static IP addresses.
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support.
  • Geo-redundant Nightly Backups.

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