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To change the PHP version, use either "Select PHP Version" icon from within cPanel Control Panel , or "MultiPHP Manager" icon within your cPanel Control Panel.

There are three ways to login to cPanel:

1) Preferred way using the Management Portal at

- Login to the portal above
- Click on Services tab
- Click on the word "Active" next to the domain you want to manage
- Click on "Login to cPanel" at the top left side of the next screen, this will take you to cPanel management interface

2) Using your Domain Name (Only if you know your cPanel password directly)
Can only do this once your domain name is working.
This would be http://yourdomain.(com or net) or whatever it is)/cpanel (example

3) Using an IP Address (Only if you know your cPanel password directly)
The only way to access cPanel if your domain hasn't propagated yet
It would look something like this- http://xx.xx.xx.123/cpanel


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