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Scheduled Maintenance Dec 24 - Dec 31 (Resolved) Low

Affecting System - Network Wide affecting all devices

  • 2022/12/24 22:40 - 2023/02/02 21:16
  • Last Updated 2022/12/24 22:44

We will be doing roll out security updates and enhancements to our servers over the holiday. These are scheduled to occur every night between 11:30 PM EST - 8 AM EST. The updates should not take more than 30 minutes to complete for each system.

If your website, email is not reachable for several hours, please contact us to investigate further.

Wish everyone a peaceful holiday.


Sincerely,  Mediumcube Support Team

Experiencing Problem with server hardware (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server -

  • 2021/10/08 07:04 - 2021/10/08 09:23
  • Last Updated 2021/10/12 10:03


System is back into operation. The data disks may run slower while the data volume is rebuilt. Thank you for your patience.


7:00 AM EST Update

We are currently aware of a problem with the ( that is affecting the /home/ folder. It is causing Apache/SMTP and other services to fail on the server.


Our datacenter and system administration team is working to help resolve these issues. As it seems the problem relates to data corruption in the /home/ folder, we do anticipate resolution to take several hours.

We apologize for this inconvenience and rest assured , we are sparing no resources to resolve this problem quickly. Thank you for your patience.

Migration of Servers (Resolved) Medium
  • 2016/03/07 10:46 - 2016/03/12 00:00
  • Last Updated 2016/03/12 15:38

The migration to the new server has been completed successfully.

In part of keeping our network and systems refreshed, we will be migrating cPanel Linux Hosting package clients residing on the server over to a new server:

The difference betwen the two servers should be minimal, however, there are some changes in PHP and MySQL versions.

Hybrid server PHP/MySQL:
PHP 5.3 / MySQL 5.1

Eagle server PHP/MySQL (new server):
PHP 5.6 / MySQL 5.6 (MariaDB 10 flavour)

We will be making best efforts to avoid any disruption in service. Should you experience a problem with your service, please feel free to contact us:

The migration is gradual over many days, but expect to be completed by the mid of March, 2016.

Windows Shared Hosting Server Upgrade (montan (Resolved) Medium
  • 2013/03/16 11:30 - 2013/10/24 10:33
  • Last Updated 2013/03/13 23:49

The server is due to switch IP addresses and upgrade to newer hardware on Saturday March 16th around 11:30 AM

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