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To continue providing reliable and secure system, hosting companies must often upgrade PHP version that runs on their servers. Some of these upgrades will bring changes to old functions and may cause your website to throw an error or experience a blank page.

This article is dedicated to give you tips on how to go about fixing some of these issues:

1) Register Globals turned off. As of PHP 5.4, PHP no longer supports registerglobals = on  option and any code written with register globals enabled will either throw an error such as:

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'file.php' for

To fix this, you need to ensure your code is using the right paramters such as:

$DOCUMENT_ROOT  variable should be replaced with _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]

Any GET or POST requets must be written as $_GET or $_POST

Files can be updated using the "replace" command from jailshell or using a program like Notepad++

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