Disable error_log in cPanel inside public_html To disable generating the file error_log under public_html folder:   Log in to cPanel. Click... Error 500 in htaccess file When you receive the error "500 Internal Server" after an upgrade. It could be possible a file in... How To Install and Uninstall FrontPage Extensions ****** NOTE: WE ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTING FRONTPAGE. ONLY UNINSTALL IS POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME... How To Set Up A Cron Job This tutorial is going to show you how to setup a cron job in cPanel the easy way. You can set a... How to Create Custom Error Pages This tutorial will teach how to create custom Error Pages. Create error pages for 404 Not Found... How to run a different PHP version on shared server To run a PHP version on the server from that is assigned by default, please add this line to your... How to use FormMail on cPanel based control panel FormMail FormMail is a very popular method of emailing the contents of a form to a user. It is... How to use sendmail with Php How to use sendmail with PHP Here is the magical line of code which tells PHP to send an email... How to view Temporary URL before DNS changes Often time developers have to create a new design for an existing website on a new server.... PHP Script Errors after upgrade To continue providing reliable and secure system, hosting companies must often upgrade PHP... Setup different PHP version per subdomain or folder/directory If you have a subdomain of your main site or folder that you wish to setup with different PHP... Using Index Manager This tutorial will teach about using the Index Manager. The Index Manager allows you to...
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