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Your cPanel control panel has a great and simple wizard to create SPF/DKIM records for your domain name. If you do not have SPF records setup, your emails may get redirected to Junk Mail folder on recipient mail box or the recipient mail server may decline to accept your message.


SPF is a way to notify recipient mail servers of the servers you use to send emails. If you do use our mail hosting service to send emails then you will likely need to setup SPF records in your nameserver DNS. Usually, this is our local DNS server known as ( If you are using your own or 3rd party DNS service then the SPF/DKIM records need to be setup on that DNS provider server.

The information below pertains only to our DNS servers and hosting plans that include cPanel Control Panel:

First Login to your cPanel control panel using any of the methods mentioned in this article

Second, browse or search for "Email Deliverability" and click on that icon

Lastly, click the word "Repair" next to the domain name you wish to add SPF record to it.



The system will automatically generate new SPF record and prompt you to confirm if these are the records you wish to add. If you send emails from 3rd party providers such as MailChimp , ConstantContact or others then you need to ask your mail provider on what should be included in your SPF records.



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