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All our Linux servers based on cPanel control panel comes with SSL Certificates. However, depending on how your website is designed, it may require some adjustment to take advantage of the SSL Secure Connection.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a term used to describe a secure connection between a website visitor and your website. When SSL is used, all the traffic between the site visitor and the website is encrypted, reducing the chance of any information to be stolen by rogue parties.


In cPanel, you have an easy way to force all the traffic arriving on your website to be SSL enabled. In order to do so, please follow these two steps:


  1. Make sure your website works under SSL, by typing in your web browser: . Notice the httpS  in the front. If the site loads fine, then your website is already SSL enabled.
  2. Login to your cPanel interface either directly through or management portal at . Once in cPanel , search for the word "Domains" . You will see the Domains icon/link appear. 

    Click on the "Domains" icon/link. You will be taken to a page with list of all your domains under that cPanel account. The 4th column is labeled "Force HTTPS Redirect". Toggle the switch underneath it to ON (switch will turn blue).

    This will take care of redirecting all your non-SSL traffic to SSL. Please test your website again (you may need to close your browser and open it) to ensure the settings are working properly.

    If you have any trouble , please open a support ticket and one of our team specialists will be happy to assist.



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