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The purpose of this article is to provide the steps needed to prevent AutoSSL from performing checks on and attempting to issue an SSL on a domain or multiple domains. Reasons for this might include the domain not resolving, and an SSL is not needed.


If the domain uses an external DNS service and does not have records for all of the subdomains (for example, cpcontacts.domain.tld), AutoSSL will take longer to attempt DNS DCV for the subdomain in addition to HTTP DCV unless you exclude them.



1. Log into cPanel as the user that owns the domain

2. Navigate to Security >> SSL/TLS Status

3. Click "Exclude from AutoSSL" next to the domain


That's it! After performing these steps, AutoSSL will no longer complain about losing coverage for this domain, and subsequent AutoSSL runs will be faster.


If there is a large number of domains that need to be excluded, select the checkbox next to each domain, then click "Exclude # Domain(s) from AutoSSL" in the section above the Domains table.

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